My advice to get more fans & money for your band

I have been fortunate enough to be a professional musician for the past few years, thanks to my rad sister and our band The Doubleclicks. We're a self-managed, crowd-funded operation, and without the help of a booker, promoter, manager, or agent, we've toured the country several times and released four albums, two of which charted on Billboard! I've written a few posts about "how I do it" in hopes they will be helpful for others!

1. How to use Kickstarter/Patreon/crowdfunding so that your fans can help you make the music you want to make

2. How to plan your own tours using social media tools

3. How to book concerts in unconventional venues: living rooms & comic shops

4. How to bring your guitar on an airplane and keep it with you


I've recently started consulting with folks to provide personal feedback, management and crowdfunding help on individual projects! If you'd like some help or advice sharing or funding your art, please get in touch!