I wrote an episode of Frasier

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In Portland there is a very good live show and podcast called Spec Script. In spec script, a writer who has never seen an episode of a particular TV show writes an episode of that show. It's very fun. And they asked me/I forced them to ask me to write an episode of the TV show FRASIER!

It was a lot of fun and very strange. You can listen to the episode on iTunes, or below. 

And you can read the whole script for "Frasier Goes to Portland" right here (that is a PDF you can download.)

Enjoy! And do check out more of Spec Script. I played Robin in the "How I Met Your Mother" episode, and my friend Lucia Fasano is in a whole bunch of them!

So... What Do We Do?


I'm anxious. Almost all the time. And it feels like it may have something to do with our President.

I want to do something about the world, but I also can barely breathe when I read the goddamn news.

These are true things about me, and also, two reasons that I've just started a podcast with my friend Storm DiCostanzo (of Paul & Storm!) called "So... What Do We Do?" 

"So... What Do We Do?" is a talking podcast by two friendly people who care about you and the world. It's for people who don't want to "tune out," but who do want to "be calm enough to get out of bed." 

Our first episode goes up next week, and you do some things right now!

Ask us questions (advice? the world? facts?) at our ask.fm page

Listen to our short preview and subscribe on:

Thank you for your time! 

Bridgetown Comedy Festival debut


It's exciting news for the Doubleclicks—my band will be playing at Bridgetown Comedy Festival this year! Bridgetown is an incredible festival with amazing acts from all over, and this is our first time as performers! 

If you want to check us out, right know what we know for sure is that we'll be opening for Jackie Kashian's "The Dork Forest" podcast recording on Saturday during the day! Check out the website for more schedule information and get your passes!

$72,406 Raised in latest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the Doubleclicks' latest album, "Love Problems," raised over $72,000 to help the band make a new album, produce a video musical and provide a variety of new rewards (and merchandise) to our fans. This is the fourth Kickstarter I've managed and I'm so excited to use the power of crowdfunding to make a new, wonderful piece of art!

The project got a big mention on the Portland Tribune this week as well!

Portland's Doubleclicks, nerd-folk sister duo Angela and Aubrey Webber, know it's a matter of simple arithmetic: crowdfunding plus a plethora of fans equals a pile of cash to fund a new album.
On Monday, March 13, the Webbers completed their latest Kickstarter campaign raising money to record their fifth full-length album, "Love Problems." The campaign started in mid-February was supposed to raise $35,000 to fund recording sessions. But, 1,870 people later, it piled up $72,406.
It's the duo's latest crowdfunding success story. Two years ago, the sisters raised $55,535 from 1,282 backers to produce their "President Snakes" CD. They were asking for $30,000. Three years ago, fundraising for their CD "Dimetrodon" nearly broke the internet, raising $81,000 when they asked Kickstarter backers for a mere $18,000.

Panel and Podcast Host

Interviewing Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, on stage at the JoCoCruise convention. // photo by Mark Barrington

Interviewing Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, on stage at the JoCoCruise convention. // photo by Mark Barrington

I just returned from the JoCoCruise, a 2,000-person, week-long nerd convention on a cruise ship! We had a fantastic time and had many opportunities to perform and host with our fellow guest. Here are some of the things I got to do:

  • Hosted an "in conversation with" panel with Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe
  • Performed a comedy essay as part of Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher's variety show
  • Collaborated in musical numbers on stage with Molly Lewis and Jonathan Coulton
  • DJ'd (with my bandmate Aubrey Turner) an extremely fun Prom Dance Party
  • Played two shows as The Doubleclicks on the main stage with the Workjuice Improvisers and Jackie Kashian
  • Hosted an episode of my comedy podcast "Gosh Darn Fiasco" with special guests Gail Simone and Jackie Kashian

The JoCoCruise is a fantastic showcase of talent from all around the nerd world and we were honored to be a part of it! I'd love to seize more opportunities to host panels and Q&As in the future. 

Women Know Math on the mary sue & Bitch Media

The incredible folks over at Bitch Media gave a great shout-out to my latest endeavor, the giant 50-artist collaboration video "Women Know Math," on their "New Music Monday" feature!

When Bitch last covered Portland DIY-folk duo The Doubleclicks, they were debunking the "Fake Geek Girl" trope. They're back this year, with a new video and new album (being Kickstarted now!) diving into a new set of topics for their fellow nerdy feminists. Their latest video is for "Women Know Math," which the band described as "a frustrated feminist anthem about gender roles." Watching it, though, I don't see the frustration -- I only see the anthem. "Women Know Math" is unabashedly gleeful in its proclamations of gender nonconformity and disregard for social expectations of gender performance. This song dispels with the notion that frankly feminist music has to be obtuse or inaccessible - sisters Aubrey and Angela Webber write and sing songs that are as direct and relatable as a long phone call to your best friend. Everyone can find something to relate to in this sweet celebration of a song. Do you cry a lot? Are you neither slender nor curvy? Are you good at math? Are you completely over the idea of gender performance? This song will validate you, and you'll get it stuck in your head. 
To highlight the sense of community and camaraderie they've been cultivating for their entire careers, The Doubleclicks enlisted 50 different female and non-conforming artists from around the world to each draw one frame of the music video for "Women Know Math." The result is a tapestry of feminism and self-love, different in style but alike in message and in the way every one feels like the best hug you've gotten in months. 

I also did a long and wonderful Q&A with the Mary Sue about this video and the forthcoming Doubleclicks album, Love Problems! 

My advice to get more fans & money for your band

I have been fortunate enough to be a professional musician for the past few years, thanks to my rad sister and our band The Doubleclicks. We're a self-managed, crowd-funded operation, and without the help of a booker, promoter, manager, or agent, we've toured the country several times and released four albums, two of which charted on Billboard! I've written a few posts about "how I do it" in hopes they will be helpful for others!

1. How to use Kickstarter/Patreon/crowdfunding so that your fans can help you make the music you want to make

2. How to plan your own tours using social media tools

3. How to book concerts in unconventional venues: living rooms & comic shops

4. How to bring your guitar on an airplane and keep it with you


I've recently started consulting with folks to provide personal feedback, management and crowdfunding help on individual projects! If you'd like some help or advice sharing or funding your art, please get in touch!

"The Doubleclicks Variety Show" wraps successful year

The Doubleclicks Variety Show was a 90-minute monthly program featuring local comedy, music, and original sketch writing and performances here in Portland! My goal in creating and producing this show was to have a venue for myself and my sketch team, Love You Squad, to showcase our writing and performing skills. The show had a loyal and growing audience and it was a ton of fun. A the end of the year, we ended up with a great library of new sketches and a lot of amazing memories. Thank you to our audiences, our guest comics and bands, and the Brody Theater & Kickstand Comedy Space for making it all possible!

Gosh Darn Fiasco earns mention on Splitsider's "This Week in Comedy Podcasts"


My role-playing-game/comedy-improv podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco earned a mention this week on  Splitsider's "This Week In Comedy Podcasts"! On Gosh Darn Fiasco, I invite my funny friends to play a game of "Fiasco," a role-playing game about poor choices and terrible consequences. This week's episode featured special guest Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files! Splitsider's podcast reviews and recommendations are well-curated and rad, and I'm honored for the mention!

Listen to the episode now

Doubleclicks lauded as comedy "geniuses" by Portland Mercury

Portland's alt-weekly newspaper, the Mercury, has put together an all-star comedy show at Revolution Hall, and my band the Doubleclicks has been added to the mix. The show is called "The Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy." Says the Mercury: "In this one-of-a-kind show you’ll see Portland’s best-known stand-up comedians (plus hilarious up-and-comers) as well as luminaries from the local improv, sketch, and music worlds."

We're honored to part of this amazing lineup! Here's what they said about us: 

Becoming an undisputable genius of comedy is no easy feat. Add a musical component to the mix and it seems downright impossible. Fortunately, Portland is home to the charming and prolific geek-folk duo the Doubleclicks. Made up of of sisters Angela Webber (guitar and ukulele) and Aubrey Webber (cello), the Doubleclicks write songs that will make you laugh without leaning on parody and vulgarity. Songs like “Cats at Parties” will have you beaming while also addressing the real struggle of overcoming social anxiety. Meanwhile, a heartfelt touring song like “Coming Home to You” finds more common ground with the Mountain Goats than it does with Weird Al or Tenacious D, yet it still kicks off with a Dungeons & Dragons reference and manages to sneak in an all-too-relatable reference to dinner at Chipotle. It’s traits like these that make the Doubleclicks undisputable geniuses, and a rare treasure in the world of musical comedy acts. CT

The "Massive Tour" takes North America!

Our ambitious schedule. Let's pack up the van!

Our ambitious schedule. Let's pack up the van!

Planning tours is one of my favorite things. You start with a blank map and end up with thousands of people in audiences around the country! This summer, I planned my biggest tour yet—The Doubleclicks "Massive Tour" across the US. The tour includes over 10,000 miles of driving and 30 shows, most of them for all-ages crowds! Venues include theaters, game stores, and even a basement "stage" in a rad house in St. Louis, Missouri. 

I taught myself how to plan tours (with help and advice from other great artists) and the system we use has helped us take sleek, profitable tours where we can see as many fans as possible where they live. I wrote a "how-to" guide for folks who want to tour like we do, and it was published on the DIY Musician blog! The Internet is a wonderful way to connect with one's audience, but it also provides fantastic resources for folks who want to get offline and see people in the real world, too. 

Our tour route this summer

Our tour route this summer

Livestream Show featured on the Mary Sue

My band, the Doubleclicks, hosts an online show monthly on Youtube, thanks to our crowdfunding supporters! The twitch-style show features is part concert, part chat show, and party interview, always featuring wonderful special guests from the world of comedy and music. 

This month's show was featured on geek girl news source The Mary Sue!

Folks can watch all of our livestreams on YouTube anytime!