So... What Do We Do?


I'm anxious. Almost all the time. And it feels like it may have something to do with our President.

I want to do something about the world, but I also can barely breathe when I read the goddamn news.

These are true things about me, and also, two reasons that I've just started a podcast with my friend Storm DiCostanzo (of Paul & Storm!) called "So... What Do We Do?" 

"So... What Do We Do?" is a talking podcast by two friendly people who care about you and the world. It's for people who don't want to "tune out," but who do want to "be calm enough to get out of bed." 

Our first episode goes up next week, and you do some things right now!

Ask us questions (advice? the world? facts?) at our page

Listen to our short preview and subscribe on:

Thank you for your time!