Women Know Math on the mary sue & Bitch Media

The incredible folks over at Bitch Media gave a great shout-out to my latest endeavor, the giant 50-artist collaboration video "Women Know Math," on their "New Music Monday" feature!

When Bitch last covered Portland DIY-folk duo The Doubleclicks, they were debunking the "Fake Geek Girl" trope. They're back this year, with a new video and new album (being Kickstarted now!) diving into a new set of topics for their fellow nerdy feminists. Their latest video is for "Women Know Math," which the band described as "a frustrated feminist anthem about gender roles." Watching it, though, I don't see the frustration -- I only see the anthem. "Women Know Math" is unabashedly gleeful in its proclamations of gender nonconformity and disregard for social expectations of gender performance. This song dispels with the notion that frankly feminist music has to be obtuse or inaccessible - sisters Aubrey and Angela Webber write and sing songs that are as direct and relatable as a long phone call to your best friend. Everyone can find something to relate to in this sweet celebration of a song. Do you cry a lot? Are you neither slender nor curvy? Are you good at math? Are you completely over the idea of gender performance? This song will validate you, and you'll get it stuck in your head. 
To highlight the sense of community and camaraderie they've been cultivating for their entire careers, The Doubleclicks enlisted 50 different female and non-conforming artists from around the world to each draw one frame of the music video for "Women Know Math." The result is a tapestry of feminism and self-love, different in style but alike in message and in the way every one feels like the best hug you've gotten in months. 

I also did a long and wonderful Q&A with the Mary Sue about this video and the forthcoming Doubleclicks album, Love Problems!