$72,406 Raised in latest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the Doubleclicks' latest album, "Love Problems," raised over $72,000 to help the band make a new album, produce a video musical and provide a variety of new rewards (and merchandise) to our fans. This is the fourth Kickstarter I've managed and I'm so excited to use the power of crowdfunding to make a new, wonderful piece of art!

The project got a big mention on the Portland Tribune this week as well!

Portland's Doubleclicks, nerd-folk sister duo Angela and Aubrey Webber, know it's a matter of simple arithmetic: crowdfunding plus a plethora of fans equals a pile of cash to fund a new album.
On Monday, March 13, the Webbers completed their latest Kickstarter campaign raising money to record their fifth full-length album, "Love Problems." The campaign started in mid-February was supposed to raise $35,000 to fund recording sessions. But, 1,870 people later, it piled up $72,406.
It's the duo's latest crowdfunding success story. Two years ago, the sisters raised $55,535 from 1,282 backers to produce their "President Snakes" CD. They were asking for $30,000. Three years ago, fundraising for their CD "Dimetrodon" nearly broke the internet, raising $81,000 when they asked Kickstarter backers for a mere $18,000.