I am a writer, and I love to write: news (for print and broadcast), reviews, essays, songs, press releases, and copy!

As a staff reporter, I won a "comprehensive coverage" SPJ award while working for Pamplin Newspapers, and an online reporting award for a series of light-hearted, architecture-themed blog posts for the Daily Journal of Commerce. 


*Hey, did that building used to be a Circuit City?A blog post about the challenges firm face when trying to re-form a distinctly-shaped building on a limited budget.

Red and Black Anarchist Cafe kicks out cop: "Name this Band": This post on the Portland Mercury's popular "Blogtown" spurred reader participation and was a favorite of staff and readers alike. My previous coverage of the same issue was picked up by Gawker.


"Scrutiny Follows Gay Student Teacher's Removal": As part of an award-winning series of articles about a gay student teacher in Beaverton, I wrote this article, which includes discussions with experts about the context and implications of the school district's decision. (Portland Tribune)

"Dougy Center ready to rebuild": Two years after it was destroyed by arson, a revolutionary center for grieving children and families is designing a new home.  (Daily Journal of Commerce)

"First-of-its-kind center opens in Portland": The Bud Clark Commons will serve the "full cycle" of Portland's homeless population. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


"City pulls plug on Portland Building project, frustrates contractors": Portland didn't plan ahead for a renovation of the Portland Building's 12th floor, and their lack of foresight meant a waste of construction firms' time and money. (The Daily Journal of Commerce)


"Neighbors want Central Catholic to scrap expansion": Residents say a high school in the middle of their neighborhood has not been a good neighbor. (The Daily Journal of Commerce)


The "historic" Portland Building: (DJC Blog)

BPA vs. Wind: (DJC Blog)

What's next, Sellwood Bridge? (DJC Blog)

Energy Roundup (DJC Blog)

Builders Wary of Booming Apartment Market (The Daily Journal of Commerce)

Old Town development project to finally wrap after 14 years (The Daily Journal of Commerce)

Developer returns from disgrace with a food cart idea (The Daily Journal of Commerce)



Review: "Octodad" — published online and in print for the Portland Mercury

Finally, Videogames For Cats!

Rocksmith 2014, Reviewed by a "Musician"

Kickstarter, Games, and Portland

Two iPhone Games That Are Slightly Better for You Than Flappy Bird



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Finding the bear for wil wheaton.net

This is one of my favorites. I was asked to write a guest post for Wil Wheaton's top-ranking blog, and created this partially-illustrated piece on depression and productivity. 

It’s a survival instinct to watch out for the bad things more than the good ones. If you live in a forest with a scary bear and a bunch of delicious berries, you need to keep that scary bear on your mind all the time. You need to hide your food and yourself, you need to avoid the bear’s territory—and no matter how delicious those berries are, that bear is going to be bigger in your mind. This applies to internet comments, to drama, and to rejections of all kinds.
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How to be single for the higgs weldon

How To Be Single is an interactive, comedic text-adventure game I wrote for the comedy website The Higgs Weldon. This story started as a stand-up routine about recovering from a hard break-up and trying to turn it into a positive, educational experience.

If you're sad, you're going to cry. 

You're going to binge watch a TV show that your ex was never interested in and cry, you're going to cry on a bus, cry in a bar, or you'll sit in your house in your pajamas for days at a time tweeting about how sad you are. These are all sad things, and these are all ok things to do.
Do you choose to be sad?

Overcoming Hopelessness and Making Something, Because it Matters

This essay was written for the Mary Sue is about depression, politics, and activism.

“Punk Rock is going to be great under Trump,” “The Daily Show benefits from a Republican President”—these are true things, but not good things. It is an artist’s responsibility, not a privilege, to speak truth to power.


I wrote an essay for the college advice book "Now You Tell Me!"

Ang's Prague Blog - this blogspot blog was a record of my study abroad semester in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It's a mix of personal updates, travel writing and stories about my awesome Media and Democracy Class.